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Detailed Access Information on London Hotels

The London Development Agency has commissioned Direct Enquiries to carry out thorough access audits of selected hotels in London. All of these hotels have bedrooms suitable for wheelchair users. The information provided includes:

  • Detailed access information for all customer areas, including accessible bedrooms
  • Photographic routes through the hotel, for example how to get from reception to the lift
  • How to get into the hotel when arriving by public transport or by car, with photographs of access route

You can search for specific facilities by clicking on the icons. Any hotel which offers all those facilities in your selected area will be shown at the top of the search results, then other nearby hotels will follow. If a feature is especially important to you, for example accessible parking, it is best to select just that one icon at first, to ensure you get the best choice of hotels.

You can focus your search for hotels by region within London using the drop down menu, or by a certain postcode or local area name such as Bloomsbury - just type in what you are looking for.

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